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Thursday, April 26, 2007

How to Protect Your Health on a Cruise Ship Vacation

It seems that whenever there are health problems on a cruise, it is treated as big news in the media. Yes, the facts are true. There was one instance when 400 people got sick on a cruise. When someone gets sick and it is suspected to be contagious such as the Norovirus, he/she can be quarantined from the rest of the guests. The last thing you want is spending an entire cruise vacation quarantined or trying to recover from an illness.

A ship is a floating city. There are a lot of people on-board in close quarters. All it takes is someone who has a contagious disease to cause an outbreak. If you look at the source you will immediately understand how illness can spread quickly.

But you don’t need the negative publicity affect your enjoyment of a cruise vacation. In fact, there are some simple steps you can take to help prevent getting sick while on your cruise vacation.

Before embarking on your cruise vacation, you will want to schedule a visit with your family doctor. Explain to the physician your itinerary including all the ports of call. Because some countries are known for certain diseases, your doctor may recommend any number of immunizations. This will ensure extra protection against contracting some sort of illness.

If you are taking prescription medications, you should obtain refills. These refills will be readily available if you lose your primary supply while on vacation. This is especially important if the medication is needed for major life support.

When planning for your cruise vacation, pack some disinfectants, hand sanitizers, and soap. Medicine for stomach ailments wouldn’t hurt.

In the first moments while on board the cruise ship, find out if there is an on-board doctor and how to contact him/her in case of illness. Also, familiarize yourself with the layout of the ship. It is important that you know where the emergency facilities are located.

During the cruise, wash your hands with hot water and soap. You will want to wash your hands after using the restroom, after smoking, before and after eating. Avoid touching your face. Avoid person to person contact. This last tip is obviously flexible. The captain may want to shake your hand. Just use your best judgment.

While dining, consider avoiding all uncooked foods. Don’t share drinking glasses. Don’t share utensils. Always drink bottled water.

Keep your shoes on at all time. Although it may be tempting to lounge or stroll barefoot, keeping your feet covered will help you from contracting any diseases.

The risk of getting sick is not just centered on the ship. Ports can offer additional risks on your cruise vacation. While on land, always opt for bottled water or drinks. Ice cubes also present illness risks. Skip the ice if you don’t know where the ice originated or how it was handled.

Most importantly, do not be overly concerned and paranoid about getting sick. The purpose of your cruise vacation is to have fun. You are creating memories that will last a lifetime. However, just be aware of your actions. All it take a little effort on your part to help prevent getting sick on a cruise vacation.

Darren Takenaga travels and writes about tips and topics that help travelers have a safe, fun, and memorable vacation.


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I've always wanted to go on a cruise. Thanks for the information.

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